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Letter of Support

Individuals and businesses please download, complete, sign, and return our short-form Memorandum Of Understanding to show your support for and indicate your specific interests in QWERTY Product Design Institute...

QWERTY Product Design Institute - MOU (short-form)

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This memo confirms my/our interest in further conversations, and exploring collaboration, potential membership, and use of the QWERTY Product Design Institute. I/We express support to pursue funding and grants toward research and a feasibility study for its creation.

Note: Signature here endorses the concept of the QWERTY Product Design Institute and the pursuit of grant dollars. Your signature does not legally bind you to membership.

Signature:                                                                                       Date:                                              


Company/Organization (optional):                                                                                                                    

Title/Occupation (optional):                                                                                                                                 

QWERTY Product Design Institute is a universal resource for Milwaukee's hardware and software talent and the manufacturing and product design community where advanced-manufacturing merges with advanced-technology. 

The manufacturers of products and services are best served by the existence of a robust product design cluster. QWERTY Product Design Institute creates a framework for the product design cluster to harness the diverse talents of Wisconsin's vast creative cohort in invention and innovation.

QWERTY Product Design Institute is a dynamic skunk works environment to find real solutions to real problems through smart design and advanced manufacturing. It creates value for industry and individuals alike through shared manufacturing, technology, and design infrastructure in metropolitan Milwaukee.

I am most interested in (check all that apply) aspects of the QWERTY Product Design Institute:
  • Smart manufacturing fabrication laboratory (fab lab): industrial grade prototyping machine shop, metal 3D printers, robotics, IoT integration
  • Venue for ideation and development
  • Product design skunk works
  • Manufacturing & technology incubator
  • Classroom and conference space
  • Partner office / lab space
  • Manufacturing technology showcase
  • "Neutral ground" collaborative space
  • Access to professional level talent
  • Advanced professional development
  • Smart manufacturing education and training
  • Human centered design thinking
  • Sustainable business design
  • Lean manufacturing methodology
  • Business accelerator
  • Support Services (legal, accounting, etc.)
  • OTHER:                                               
  • All of the above

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